In the shadows of the biggest cathedral in Britain, lies one of the most mysterious and actively haunted locations in the world; Liverpool’s St. James Cemetery. Once the settlement of an ancient pagan witch-cult, then a quarry, then a Victorian graveyard, this remarkable Canyon of the Dead is crammed with almost 60,000 Victorian and Edwardian corpses and is positively steeped in supernatural folklore and genuine paranormal phenomena.

Join Mr. Roberts and Miss Llewellyn- your friendly guides- as they lead you down by lantern light and regale you with the incredible, true local legends of ghosts, witches, vampires, black magicians, demonic shadow-entities, and even friendly elf-like creatures… all of which have been sighted countless times at this... otherworldly place.



the exciting new Ghost-tour through Liverpool's St. James' Cemetery

Welcome, Seekers of the Supernatural...




But beware; the phenomena in St. James' Cemetery have recently started picking up again!

This is an adventure for anyone even remotely curious about Liverpool’s mind-blowing supernatural history. The evenings are pleasantly warm now, so it’s the perfect time to book an ou
tdoor adventure in the city centre…

So, what are you waiting for?

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