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"I've booked my ticket! What's next?"

Check your E-mails for a ticket confirmation. Bring your phone or printed ticket(s), and meet us outside the front gates of the Liverpool Anglican Cathedral, where we will be waiting to greet you and check your ticket(s).

" How long does the tour last and when should we arrive?"

The tour lasts approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes. Please be aware that tours will start promptly. We ask that you arrive10 minutes prior to your tour time, so that we can check your tickets before we begin.

" What should I wear? "

St. James' Cemetery is below ground level, so it can get chilly in the evenings. Be sure to wrap up warm, and wear sensible footwear (especially if it's been raining) as we do occasionally leave the paths and walk on grass.

Keep an eye on the weather too, and remember- there's no such thing as "bad" weather- only inappropriate clothing! The atmosphere in the cemetery when it's raining is one of our favourites. Just be sure to wear a mac, and/or bring a brolly, and you'll be fine.

"Is the tour wheelchair/pushchair accessible?"

The tour takes place in a park and we mostly follow a flat path, but we occasionally come a few paces off the path onto mostly flat grass.

There is a smooth- albeit somewhat steep- ramp that leads down into and out of the Cemetery. We’ve had customers in wheelchairs before, and it can be a challenge to get back up this steep ramp at the end, particularly if the individual in the wheelchair is quite heavy. Though our guides are always more than happy to help give a push where needed. We've done this before and it's been fine.

"How is the Corona Virus going to affect the tour?"

It won't, really. We're staying up-to-date with local and national changes to covid rules/guidelines, but the cemetery is an outdoor public space.

As long as everyone respects each other's personal space,

we'll be fine.

Of course, if you test positive for COVID-19 and need to cancel, let us know and we can rearrange an alternative tour, or provide you with a gift card, or a refund.

"Is the tour appropriate for young children?"

As a rough guide, ages 11+ are well suited, but it depends on the child, really. If you think they are at an age where they can understand folkloric fairy-tales and ghost stories, and not be too disruptive, then they'll love it.

"How scary is the tour?"

We tell true ghost stories in an atmospheric, haunted Victorian cemetery and show you all of the exact places where strange and supernatural phenomena have taken place. St. James' Cemetery is famously spooky from dusk onwards.

The guides themselves are friendly characters and we don't do obnoxious screaming or "jump-scares"... but we can't speak for every one of the +58,000 resident ghosts!


" Who is this tour for? "

Groups of friends, families (including every generation), date nights, adventurous singles, visitors to the city, hen & stag do's, work trips, birthday parties, student societies, christmas staff nights out, etc, etc.

Literally anyone who is interested in Liverpool's
local folklore, the strange and unexplained, the paranormal and supernatural, ghosts, vampires, witches, fairies or England's ancient history... are all welcome.


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